Published on 23 February 2023

This page lists out many contrary thoughts which came into my mind for a topic.

Having a Personal Brand

I came across this post about representing yourself as a brand. I started thinking on how I wanted to represent myself: with a pseudonym like ‘hemarkable’ (h is intentionally small, stylised) or with my original full name. I also realize that it might do more harm to me if my full name is out there for others easily to see. After reading that article, I started doing something else, but again I encountered a similar take, in the form of a video. You and I initially might think that encountering the same thing again and again might be an indication for something, but we are aware that this is more of an illusion. I also started thinking about the instances where people haven’t created an online persona and still became sucessful, either because web didn’t exist at the time or they were so occupied with work or life that they didn’t gave a thought.

Yeah, I’m not completely sold on the idea. I like ‘hemarkable’ though.