Cinema 4D

Published on 30 December 2022

I have no intention of sentence casing these. Saho.

Keyboard Shortcuts

1,2,3 (either holding or press and releasing) | alt + left,right,middle click then dragging → panning, rotating and scaling (not respectively)
^ scale is not zooming, that button at top right to scale when right click is held, does zoom
another thing with alt + btn is that rotating and scaling act on where mouse cursor is on the object
shift+c command bar | window > customization > command manager, find the tool and drag and drop, for example in your top toolbar

that axis with a cube button at top left of the window is to toggle b/w object and world coordinate axes. if you rotate the object, its axes would get also be rotated. to perfom rotate/translation wrt zero coordinates axes, click on that button to switch to world axes

primitive shapes are called parametric because they’re built of parameters. for eg, a cylinder needs a radius and a height. these options are available in objects tab under attributes panel

apart from number increment/decrement buttons and sliders, you can also arrow up/down after selecting or placing cursor before one numeral to bump on that step (so 10s, 1s or 0.1s)

on clikcing the button at the bottom left of the asset managet shows 4 views (perspective, top, right and front), you can middle click on one of any of those 4 views to get into that specific view and middle click again to come out of it
^ also can use f1-f5

ctrl+z/y undo redoes info in the scene, not camera position
to undo redo camera position, use ctrl+shift+z/y (available under View in menu for that specific view)

to reset position back to 0,0,0, click on that object, near at bottom right there is coordinate manager, click on reset transform
to focus camera on all objects, use “h”, to focus on a specific object, use “o”. (available under View in menu for that specific view as Frame…)
to move camera to 0,0,0 view > frame default

on holding “v” i got options around mouse cursor, not sure how much it is useful

n followed by b turns on polygons while pressing n then a will hide it (available under display for a view)
similarly “u” followed by other key

if selected a on object and a face/edge/points using move tool, instead of clicking on weight subdivision surface, you can hold dot (.) and click and drag to left and right to perform the operation.

press e for arrows, press ctrl+arrows to move to get quick extrude (as it’s quick, it doesn’t give you much options).

for shadow → on view menu > Options > SSAO or render settings > right click on sidebar > click ambient occlusion
^ nope, global illumination under render settings does that, and also under light settings General > shadow > area
obviously w/o global illumination, render would be quicker

holding 7 moves the parent of the object and not the child

remember coolors site? that is useful if you don’t know color harmony

shift click on x,xy,z properties change one of them, then use ctrl+enter to change all of them to that value