Emacs Dired

Published on 30 December 2022

J to quick jump to a file/folder shown in the list.

g o to preview a file, q to quit out of it.
M-RET to preview on the side (while keeping cursor on dired). I’ve mapped it to alt-l.

C-x k is to kill-buffer (general emacs) & c-g to exit
g r is to reload dired buffer, think like :e<ret>.

m to mark/select, u to unmark, U to unmark all marks, t to invert selection.

( toggles visibility of extra info.

There’s % and *, * has pre-made marking ideas.
Like * marks specific extensions (defaults to extension of file where your cursor is, let’s say it’s .go), then t to invert and M-x dired-do-kill-lines (or M-k, custom mapped) to show only .go files.
Finally one can use g r to reload buffer.

C to copy (can also give a new name)
R to rename/move
D to delete

There’s delete-by-moving-to-trash variable.

(Present Ajit has no idea what past Ajit meant by this, probably “w” has a meaning:) w dired https://youtu.be/PMWwM8QJAtU?t=2088 (cool if used with vim :s/abc/def to rename).

:q quits current dired and q kills all dired buffers.

On opening using external programs: https://youtu.be/PMWwM8QJAtU?t=2489.

Surround can also delete fn call using keys dsf.