Published on 30 December 2022

kitty_mod == ctrl+shift == km

(Only lists the inbuilt ones, not the ones you (Ajit) created in your config, like km+up, km+f, etc.)

km+z and km+x: jump to previous and next prompt
km+h : pager for scrollback
km+f : fzf for scrollback
km+g : pager for last command
km+d : fzf for last command
km+e : nvim for last command

km+j : switches b/w splits
km+b : move current split near to main/top-left by 1 step

km+] : next split
km+[ : prev split
km+F7 : ask for numeral input to jump to a split (happens when splits >= 3)

ctrl+l : clear screen
km+k : scrollback clear + clear screen

It takes a bit time to respond, but you can click on anywhere on current command to move the cursor to that position. There’s more stuff, like km + right click on a command opens its output in a pager. Have a look at them here.